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Alumilite Resin Starter Set

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SAVE OVER 10% when you purchase the Alumilite Resin Starter Set! A great starter set for any resin enthusiast...beginner or advanced. 

This set includes: 

* 1x Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin 460ml - Our favourite resin EVER! It's easy to use and does a brilliant job both as a clear casting and a pouring/coating resin! EASY to use as mixes in equal ratios (1:1 by volume) so very easy to measure up equal amounts of both parts. Click here to read more about the Alumilite Clear Cast Epoxy resin. 

* 1x 15pk Wooden Stir Sticks - 15 wooden stirring sticks, approximately 14cm long and 0.5cm wide. Use these sticks to stir and mix your resin. 

* 1x 10pk Large Mixing Cups - 10 clear polypropylene graduated mixing cups for resin. Approximately 60ml (approximately 2 fl oz). When you work with resin, exact measurements are really important, to ensure it sets properly. Use these cups to measure up exact amounts and to mix the resin. With the graduated printed scale on the side it is easy to get the right measurements.

* 2x 28ml Alumilite Dyes of your choice! - 2 professional quality dyes in your choice of colours. Alumilite Dyes are used with resin to give an even and complete colour, with a reacting pigment dye that will never leak. Add the dye to the "A" side of the resin by weight up to 5% to achieve the colour and tint you desire. One drop goes far!

* 1x Pearl Ex powder (Micro Pearl) -  Jacquard Pearl-Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment that exhibits extreme colourfastness and stability. PearlEx can be mixed with resin to create a metallic/pearlescent look - it will not tarnish or fade. The different particle sizes produce different looks, from a smooth pearly lustre, to a highly metallic sheen. See the full range of Pearl Ex powders and read more about them here