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Alumilite Amazing Sealer - 473ml / 16oz

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The Amazing Sealer by Alumilite is a one-part, water-based sealant that can be used as a glue, sealer, and protectant. Ideal for sealing photos, art, and wood, before coating with resin.

THe Amazing Sealer is one of those products every paper crafter, artist, and resin caster should have in their toolbox. You can apply Amazing Sealer with a brush, foam applicator, or any applicators that can apply a thin coating. It goes on white and turns clear as it dries.


Using brush or foam applicator, apply a thin coat to the surface, brushing in one direction. Amazing Sealer will apply white and become clear as it dries. It is recommended to do a second coat to make sure all surfaces have been covered. The dry time is based on the thickness of the coating and ambient temperatures. Drying can be sped up by using a fan, heat gun (use a low heat setting), or hair dryer. If needed, epoxy coatings can be applied once fully dried.

  • For use prior to epoxy - By using this as a top coat to Epoxy, it will help eliminate bubbles leaching out from from the undersides of embedments or photos. Also, it produces a barrier between the artwork and epoxy to make sure the original artwork is now affected by the epoxy resin. Ensure the Amazing Sealers properly dried before the application of epoxy. 
  • For use as a wood sealant - Applying 2 thin coats of Amazing Sealer will help you minimise the occurrence of air bubbles that get trapper in curing epoxy. This will also produce a more optically clear epoxy coating.
  • For use as a glue - Apply a thin layer to stick different types of media such as crafting paper, card stock, fabrics, scrapbooking supplies, and more.
  • For use as a general-purpose sealant - Add this as a top coat to art and craft projects and photos to help to lock in the colours. This will provide a finished look to your project.
  • For use on decoupage - You can use Amazing Sealer to assemble and seal your decoupage project. 

Easy clean up - Rinse with warm water to remove any liquid Amazing Sealer from brushes. You can also add some mild detergent to the water if desired. 

Keep this product stored in a cool dry place and out of sunlight. Do not allow to freeze. Keep the cap tight when not in use. 

Alumilite Amazing Sealer - 473ml / 16oz. 

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