Alumilite Dye African/American 29.6ml (1fl.oz)

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African/American flesh tone dye colour for resin casting, ideal for doll making or figure casting. Professional quality dye colours for resin - which can be opaque or transparent - you choose!

These vividly coloured liquid resin dyes are translucent when used in clear resin (like our Amazing Clear Cast), and opaque when used in white or coloured resins (like our Amazing Casting Resin). Use the flesh tones according to your preference of shade (flesh tones are typically used in Alumilite White for a more natural appearance. Alumilite Dyes are used with resin to give an even and complete colour, with a reacting pigment dye that will never leach. Add the dye to the "A" side of the resin by weight up to 5% to achieve the colour and tint you desire. One drop goes far!

We carry ten basic colours, four fluorescent colours, and three flesh tone colours (perfect for doll making or figure castings).