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Alumilite Microballoons 33.3fl oz

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Microballoons are tiny glass spheres which can also help you save a significant amount of resin, as they increase the volume of your resin. Add Microballoons to your casting resin to make your parts lighter, or even buoyant, making them perfect for fishing lures as well as many other applications.

How much do I use?

  • 0-20% Microballoons (by volume) will sink
  • 25-30% Microballoons makes a cast item neutrally buoyant
  • 50-100% Microballoons makes the item float

* Buoyancy effectivity is dependant on weight of other materials used e.g. wire, hooks, weights etc.  Can be mixed up to a maximum of 100% by volume

How to use

  • Divide your desired amount of microballoons in half
  • Mix one half into part ‘A’, and the other half into part ‘B’ of resin.
  • Stir each side well, before mixing part ‘A’ and ‘B’ together well
  • Pour into your mould

Please note: Dust mask must be warn during use. 

Includes 33.3fl oz (32 US fl oz)


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