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ArtResin Clear Epoxy Resin

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Art Resin™ is a high-gloss, self-levelling resin - great for coating surfaces and artwork, as well as casting. It’s non-toxic, so there’s no fumes, VOCs, or BPA.

According to the manufacturers, it gives the most non-yellowing protection on the market - tested by leaving a resin piece in the sunny Arizona desert for a year.

ArtResin® is easy to use with a 1:1 mix ratio by volume. Mix what you need by measuring out equal parts of resin and hardener. Combine the parts carefully and thoroughly for several minutes.

Once mixed, ArtResin® can be poured over many types of artwork, photographs, stickers, badges and much more. Once cured, ArtResin® provides a super-clear, semi-flexible coating that won't shrink, distort or yellow over time.

ArtResin® was designed by artists, for artists and as such the number one priority was always to ensure that ArtResin® looks as good in years to come as it does when you first pour it. To achieve this, ArtResin® uses unique technology which provides extremely efficient UV light stability allowing ArtResin® to start clear and stay clear for as long as possible.

Non-toxic, safe for home use when used in a well ventilated area. It conforms to ASTM D4236. No VOCs, no BPA, no fumes, non-flammable, and certified food-safe!

ArtResin should be at room temperature before using - 23-25°C (72-77°F). Suitable for applications up to 50°C (122°F). If used as a coaster and your mug is very hot it may become a little flexible, but once cooled down it will harden up again.

To achieve a thicker resin coating, apply several 0.3cm (1/8”) coats, leaving 8 hours in between each coat. If you need to do a second coat to cover an imperfection in cured resin, just sand out the imperfection with a fine grit, then sand the whole piece to create a toothed edge for the fresh layer to adhere to, and pour over another layer.

Top tip:

Stir your equally measured amounts of resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes. Not stirring properly will result in a sticky resin that will never cure. Scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing vessel as you stir to ensure the entire mixture catalyzes and that there is no remaining unmixed resin or hardener stuck to the sides that may prevent a proper cure. Improperly mixed resin will not cure properly. But - don't scrape when you pour it though - if there's going to be any unmixed resin or hardener, it will be on the sides and bottom and if it gets scraped out onto your artwork, it could cause soft, sticky spots in your resin.  

Sizes available

Size Area coverage
236ml Mini Kit 8 oz 1,858 sq. cm 2 sq. feet
946ml Starter Kit 32 oz 7,432 sq. cm (more than a 80x80cm canvas) 8 sq. feet
3.78 litre Studio Kit 1 US Gallon 3 square metre 32 sq. feet
7.56 litre Professional Kit 2 US Gallon 6 square metre 64 sq.feet

Whilst the manufacturer states there are no fumes or VOCs when working with this resin, we still recommend you do your own research, and make your own decisions on any precautions you need to take. Read the SDS and get advice if needed. We suggest ensauring you have good ventilation, and protect your skin and eyes (we recommend you always use nitrile gloves, don’t use latex with resin). If you work with the resin in more than a domestic hobby use, say in large amounts or you work with it often, you might want to invest in a VOC filtered face mask. ArtResin conforms to ASTM D-4236, meaning it has been evaluated as safe for home use.

Click here to read more about Art Resin, safety, coverage, shelf life, and more.

Q: What Materials Can I Or Can't I Use Epoxy Resin On?

A: ArtResin epoxy resin will bond well to every medium, with the exception of wax paper and plastics including silicone (i.e. materials that repel water). It works extremely well on wood, photographs, inkjet prints, acrylic, oil paint that has completely dried, watercolour, spray paint, encaustic, ink, paper collage, oil pastel, sculpture, flowers, rocks, and other found objects. You may want to avoid pouring it over loose materials (this may include chalk pastels); anything that is not completely adhered to the surface of your work could potentially mix into the resin in its liquid form once it's poured and float around. Some lower quality papers absorb resin rather than allowing it to sit on top, in which case a sealant should be used over the paper first to avoid seepage. The best thing to do is experiment and have fun!

Q: How long can I work with it?

A: The working time of ArtResin epoxy resin ( also called the pot life or open time ) is about 45 minutes. This is how long you have to work with the resin before curing sets in and it becomes too stiff to manipulate. You're best to apply the resin as soon as it has been thoroughly mixed for 3 minutes.  Note, the working time can be affected by heat: if you've put the resin in a warm water bath or if you're working in a warm environment, the working time will be decreased by about 10-15 minutes. The cure time may also be decreased.

Q: How long does it take to cure?

A: It takes 24 hours for the piece to be hard to the touch, and 72 hours to fully cure.

Q: What is the shelf life of ArtResin?

A: We recommend using ArtResin within 6 months once opened, or 1 year unopened.

Q: Is ArtResin food safe?

A: Yes! Once fully cured, it is safe for direct food contact (complies with FDA 21CFR175.300).

Q: I’ve managed to get ArtResin on my skin - what can I use to get it off?

A: Wash skin with soap and water. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol, as although it will break down the resin, it will allow it to soak into your skin!

Click here for an SDS sheet for this product.

Click here for a Technical Data sheet for this product.

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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Sari on 3rd Feb 2022

    Really nice customers service, and fast delivery. And becos i live in Finland i had to order this product at costumer service not on website. Product it self is my favourite, not yellowing, not smelling, easy to work with.

  • 5

    Posted by Ness on 15th Sep 2021

    After much research into resin that doesn’t yellow over time, I bought this to cover a table topped with polymer clay tiles that I had made. The resin calculator was very useful and the instructions were easy to follow. Obviously it’s early days with regards to any yellowing (I’m not anticipating any!) but so far it’s smooth and clear. I am delighted with the results and will buy it again for future projects.

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