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  • Resin Sphere Mould with lid. Resin Sphere Mould Full Set of Silicone Sphere Moulds Resin Sphere Mould - 2cm Resin Sphere Mould - 3cm

    Resin Sphere Mould

    Choose one size, or buy all 6 together and save £1.30! Two part resin mould with resin pouring hole at the top. The base has feet which keeps the mould stable and level while casting. Ensure the mould is free from dust etc before using, as...

    £1.65 - £11.95
  • Round Silicone Mould Set of 6 Silicone Containment Moulds - Round - Set of 6 Round Silicone Mould Set Example of resin in an oval size.

    Silicone Containment Moulds - Round - Set of 6

    Set of Round Silicone Moulds Great sizes for making small pieces including jewellery, miniature bases, and more. No release agent needed for resin, as the silicone is naturally non-stick. We recommend curing resin in layers (especially UV) to ensure...

2 of 2 Items