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  • Ecopoxy FlowCast 3l Ecopoxy Flow Cast example Eco Poxy Flow Cast example Eco Poxy FlowCast example

    Ecopoxy FlowCast

    FlowCast® is Ecopoxy’s new improved solution to crystal clear thick pours with minimal bubbles. It’s 3 x thinner than before, with improved clarity and even more bio content. Ecopoxy FlowCast® is a high performance, two-component, UV...

    £49.95 - £736.95
  • Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin

    Ecopoxy UVPoxy Resin

    UVPoxy - the crystal clear thin pour for woodworkers and artists. EcoPoxy UVPoxy is a high performance two-component clear epoxy system designed for table tops, bars, wood finishes, see-through encapsulations, art work, and other applications requiring a...

    £38.95 - £269.95
  • Notched resin spreader. Notched resin spreader.

    Ecopoxy Z-Notched Resin Spreader

    Reusable spreader allows you to spread an even coating of resin over your work. The spreader has 3 depths of notches, and a smooth edge. After using, just leave any excess resin to cure and peel off once set. Depth of notches: 1/4", 1/8",...

  • Ecopoxy Glow in the dark pigment. GloPoxy Blue.

    GloPoxy Blue - 200g

    GloPoxy gives bright glowing results, and a extended glowing in the dark! Use as a coating, by brushing, rolling or spraying on surfaces, or be mixed in with resin. It adheres well to a wide range of surfaces including plaster, metal, wood, plastic,...

4 of 4 Items