Crystal UV Resin - 55g

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UV Crystal Resin - now in a larger 55g size!

This great one-part crystal clear resin is so easy to use! With the help of UV light the UV Crystal Resin cures in minutes, rather than hours.

One of the best things about this style resin, is that the bottle has a useful applicator tip, making it easy to apply - no messing about with scooping thick gooey gel out of pots with sticky spatulas. You can apply the gel from the pot directly onto your piece, as it is quite thick it is easy to handle. The thick viscosity of the gel allows you to create slightly domed effects easily. 

The gel cures rock hard in minutes with a UV light. The time of curing varies on the UV light and if you add colour to the resin. In a high wattage UV light box, clear gel cures in only 3-5 minutes, in smaller boxes it can be around 5-10 minutes - still a lot faster than most resins!  It will not leave a sticky surface, and doesn't need any polishing, unless you want to reshape it.

Make sure your UV light reach all the corners of the gel - add, and cure, in thin layers, ideally not thicker than approx. 2mm at a time. Angle your piece differently throughout the different curing sessions to help cure all of the resin.

It can be coloured with any of the resin colours we sell, and our fabulous PearlEx powders will give you gorgeous colours and effects, including shimmering duo-colours that shifts colour. 

Please note: there are LED versions of the UV light boxes available on the market - we can't guarantee this product will work with these boxes. We recommend you use a normal UV light, like our own version.

For best results store the pot in a dark environment under 20C.

For more information on how to work with UV resin, see UV Resin - How, Why, and When written by Petra Cameron who has worked extensively with UV resin.

Size: 55g