Crystal UV Resin Colour Kit

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Add colour to your metal clay in a matter of minutes! This UV resin colour kit includes: 

* 5 x UV Resin Colours 15ml - Black, White, Lemon, Cyan, & Cherry. Mix these primary colours to create other colours and shades! Click here to read more about the UV Resin colours.

* 1 x UV Crystal Resin 25g - This great one-part crystal clear resin is so easy to use! With the help of UV light the UV Crystal Resin cures in minutes, rather than hours. The time of curing varies on the UV light and if you add colour to the resin. In a high wattage UV light box, clear gel cures in only 3-5 minutes, in smaller boxes it can be around 5-10 minutes - still a lot faster than most resins!  It will not leave a sticky surface, and doesn't need any polishing, unless you want to reshape it. 

Click here for more information on the UV Resin.