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Padico UV ‘Sun Drop’ Resin Hard - 100g

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Padico Hard curing UV resin

Ready to use acrylic UV resin that cures in minutes under a UV lamp - no mixing required!

The resin has non-yellowing colour protection properties which last, keeping a crystal clear colour. Once cured, it has a hard and waterproof finish, with high transparency.

In a high wattage (36W and above) UV light box, clear gel cures in minutes (we recommend curing deep items in thin layers at a time).

Works great in silicone and soft plastic moulds. Use on its own, or embed items such as dried flowers, beads, and more!

Curing time

UV light (36W): 2 - 10 minutes

Please note

  • Curing time differs with size, and will be longer when adding dyes. These are the manufacturer’s recommended timings, however we always recommend experimenting beforehand.
  • The resin may cure in sunlight, so work in an area away from the sun.
  • Keep lid on resin while not working, as it can begin to harden.
  • All resin can eventually yellow over time.
  • Store in cool and dry place out of sunlight, storage temperature 0℃ - 25℃. Use as soon as possible after opening.

Size: 100g

Made in Japan

Also available in 5g and 25g here.

UV Light Box available here.

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