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Professional UV Light Box - White

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This is a great value UV light box perfect for curing our UV Resin. The box is very easy to use, simply plug in and switch on!

This is a professional UV light unit, primarily sold as a nail gel curing light. The light has a large front opening slot, where you simply slide in your pieces. The bottom and sides are covered in reflective material to help with even curing.

This UV lamp comes with 4 x 9W UV light tubes. Simple and clean design, with a white cover.  New UV tubes are easy to get in the UK.  

Power: 220V-240V/ 50Hz-60HZ (UK fused plug) 

Size of light box: 24 L x 22 W x 10cm H
Inner chamber: Approx 14 L x 13 W x 5.5 H

Colour: White 

Bulb: 4 x 9W (Included) 

NOTE: UV Boxes generates very strong ultraviolet light, which may damage your eyes. Don't look into it, and if you work with it a lot, maybe cover the opening with a thin cloth to protect your eyes.

*UV boxes may vary slightly in design and packaging in comparision to the picture provided*


The UV resin requires a high dose of concentrated UV light to cure, it will not cure in normal sunlight. The curing time depends on the thickness of the resin. Clear gel will cure faster than gel with colour applied. If you are adding lots of colour, cure the resin in thin layers. Leave the piece to set out of the box after curing for a couple of minutes. If the light gets hot it can inhibit curing, so turn the light off and let it cool off in between curings.  It is a good idea to leave the resin to sit out of the UV box for a couple of minutes after curing, as sometimes the resin can come out slightly soft and seems to need to sit and cool down to harden fully.