Resin Casting Pressure Pot - 40 litre

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Casting under pressure is a great way to make high quality resin castings. These professional pressure pots, will help you achieve consistent, bubble free casts.

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Pressure casting compresses air bubbles to sizes hard to detected by the human eye creating a virtually bubble free casting. Simply pour the resin into the mould and place it in the pressure pot. Apply positive air pressure from any regulated compressor and leave to cure under pressure. 

These tanks are modified for casting only and cannot be used for paint. All unused outlets are permanently capped with 150psi 316 stainless steel caps.

The maximum working pressure is governed by a mechanical safety valve, recommended good working practice is to stay at a working pressure which is 10psi less than technical maximum.

Maximum pressure is 80psi, however we recommend using at a maximum of 60psi. When casting, 40-60psi is generally used.

Internal dimensions:
Height - 54cm
Diameter - 32cm

1/4” BSP screw fit hose connection.

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This product can only be shipped within the UK.