Resin Mixing/Measuring Cup - Silicone Washable & Reusable

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Stop throwing away mixing cups! This reusable measuring and mixing cup will last you for ages!

This silicone cup can be reused over and over for mixing resin. Just leave any left over resin to cure in the cup, and just peel it out when hard. If the resin in unmixed, use hot soapy water to clean it out.

A washable, reusable mixing cup perfect for mixing epoxy resins, paints, dyes and more.

Made from flexible, durable, semi-transparent silicone, the cup can be washed with hot soapy water which means no more throwing away your resin mixing cup after just one use.

Capacity: 100ml, with clearly marked measurements. 

Size: 7cm H x 5.5cm Diameter

Sold individually.