Resin Plaster - 1kg

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Extra hard, extra white high quality casting resin - the finish is more like polyester resin than plaster. This is great for moulding models, artworks and everyday objects. It can be filed, sanded, glued, coloured, perfumed, painted and varnished. Perfect for testing out any moulds you've made before going ahead with a more expensive material like metal clay. 

You could also make a gorgeous natural element like shells or rocks, and then set onto bezel or ring blanks. It's cast is beautifully smooth. 

Simply mix together 1 part water to 3 parts plaster as per the instructions and pour into your mould. Wait for 30 minutes and then de-mould. 

"Vital for 3d printing which requires exquisite fine detail to be produced in the smaller piece. Resin plaster is much harder than normal plaster used by many casting artists. As a result it is perfect for freestanding casts. The instructions are clear and simple to follow and while a little more pricey than the large value bags of plaster it captures all the tiny detail and is strong enough to withstand mild pressure." - Natasha Mockett - McLaren & Wall
 * See a photo of Natasha's work in the product photos