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Royal Palm Epoxy Resin (Thin) - 5.68l / 192 fl. oz (1.5 US gallons)

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Royal Palm Resin (Thin Formula) is an easy to use epoxy resin. The thin formula is as it sounds, thinner (close to the consistency of water). It pours very well and is a good choice for projects which need good penetration or where no pressure pot is available. Particularly ideal for casting jewellery, pen blanks, encapsulation or for projects where a slow cure is required ie; river tables.

A clear casting resin which works well for both thin coats and deeper casts. Royal Palm (Thin) is an epoxy resin which is great resin for pen blanks, wood turning, resin crafts, river tables and resin jewellery making. Particularly ideal for projects where no pressure pot is available.

  • Easy to use - ideal for beginners where no pressure pot is available.
  • Does both thick layers and thin coatings - it is rare to find a resin which does both well!
  • Casts into a multitude of mould types.
  • Nice long work time, 50-60 minutes.
  • Ready to remove out of the mould in about 48 hours.

This Royal Palm Epoxy Resin (Thin) should be mixed by volume at a ratio of 2:1.

Works perfectly with our resin moulds, with no release agent needed (however, release agents are a good way to extend the life of your mould). Can also be cast into plaster, aluminium, latex and urethane moulds if a mould making release (like Vaseline) is used.

We have a fantastic range of colours you can use with this resin including DyesAlcohol inks and Mica powders. Don't use water based dyes or colours with this resin. 

Mix ratio: 2:1 by volume

Work time: up to 1hr (dependent on temperature)
Demould time: up to 48 hours.

Size: approx 5.68l (192 fl. oz.) - The kit comes with 3.78l (128 fl.oz) of part A resin and 1.89l (64 fl.oz) of part B hardener. 

This resin is also available in 24 fl.oz, 48 fl.oz, 96 fl.oz.

TOP TIP FOR STORAGE: Keep the caps of each resin bottle on tight at all times. Even during use, pour out what you need, then put the caps back on immediately until your next use. This will keep your resin in good working condition for as long as possible. 

Regarding health & safety, we always recommend doing your own research, and make your own decisions on any precautions you need to take. Read the SDS below and get advice if needed. We suggest ensuring you have good ventilation, and protect your skin and eyes (use nitrile gloves only, don’t use latex with resin). If you work with a large amount of resin, or work with it often, you might want to invest in a VOC filtered face mask.


Please read the full instructions here before use.


Click here for an SDS sheet for Part A of this product.

Click here for an SDS sheet for Part B of this product.