Sanding Files 1/8" - Assorted Selection Pack - Crafty Cat

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Light weight multipurpose files.  The size and hooked end design of the sanding files allows crafters to get into tight spaces and helps sand delicate and obscure craft parts.

These files are lightweight, waterproof, washable, and resusable making this product a must have!

Coated on a tough mylar backing, the abrasive will withstand bending and twisting without cracking or peeling.

Sand rough edges, scuffs, scratched, imperfections and indents.  When progressing through a craft such as wood or jewellery crafts a steady application through coarse, medium, and fine grits will produce optimal results!

Files are double sided.  Includes grits:

  • Fine (240/320 grit) Orange & Light Orange
  • Medium (120/220 grit) Dark Green & Green 
  • Coarse (100/150 grit) Dark Purple & Purple