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Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Kit - Mint/Green Spectrum 3pk

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Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Kit - pack of 3 colours - Mint and Green Spectrum

The Mint & Green Spectrum Alcohol Ink Set from Ranger contains 3 acid-free pigment ink designed by Tim Holtz.

This set features fast-drying transparent dye inks in 3 eccentric colours including light and dark green that are ideal for creating an array of unique designs;

  1. Moss
  2. Mojito
  3. Everglades

Want to add some colour to your resin or finished metal pieces? Try these brilliant Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz! They're formulated to create a vibrant, polished stone effect or use them to emphasise a texture on your metal.

Alcohol inks are an intensely concentrated dye dissolved in alcohol. They are permanent and once dried, are not water soluble. These alcohol inks work great on metal and are also the perfect material for colouring translucent polymer clay.

They can be used on other non-porous surfaces too including; glossy paper, foil, plastic, or glass. 

To use in resin

  • Pour your casting resin into a mould, and simply drip alcohol ink into resin before curing. Leave as is, or swirl around to create patterns.
  • OR Mix into Part A of your casting resin just like other dyes or pigments. Mix in thoroughly to give a transparent-translucent colour.
  • Ideal for petri dish effects

To use on fired/polished metal: 

  • Start with a clean, dry piece of metal 
  • Choose a colour of alcohol ink, and drip one drop of ink onto your metal. The ink spreads and travels quickly on its own – so use just one drop at a time, and see what it does before adding more ink
  • Add additional drops/colours - use a cotton bud or paint brush to spread the colour around if you wish (similar to watercolour painting). 
  • Keep adding layers of colour until you achieve the look you want

Note: Alcohol inks spread naturally making them difficult to control but that's part of the fun - they'll create wonderful designs for you! Always do a test piece first to see what the colours will look like and how they react to your metal. 

- Acid Free
- Dye Based Multi-Surface Ink
- Quick Drying
- Precision Tip

Size - 14ml (0.5 fl oz)

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