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Lizard Blanks Pen Blank Brick Mould - Adjustable Lid

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NEW! Easily cast resin pen blanks with our amazing new Lizard Blank Moulds!

This unique design uses wing nuts, allowing you to demould faster than ever - the mould is tool-free, and no mould release agent is required. The brick pen blank mould creates a large block to then divide up into smaller blanks, or keep as one large piece. This is ideal for making a limited series of blanks with a large piece of wood, or with particular colours in one batch without attempting to exactly replicate the same effect multiple times. Combine resin with wood offcuts, pinecones, pasta, pencils, and more to create beautiful pen blanks. Blanks can then be shaped and refined using a lathe.

With the addition of an adjustable lid, it’s possible to change the height of the blank.

Made from Premium UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Plastic which has been cut with precision.

Size: 4.45 H (Adjustable) x 13.34 W x 15.24cm L (1.75 x 5.25 x 6”)

Also available with a non-adjustable lid