Alumilite Metallic Powder Pearlescent 28gm

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Pearlescent Alumilite Metallic Powder is used to give your resin castings a stunning subtle pearly shimmer.

Metallic Powders are used to give you the quality metal finish that a paint can not duplicate. You can reproduce any casting with Alumilite's Copper, Bronze, Gun Metal, Gold, or Silver metallic powders.  These powders are used with resin, and is usually applied in your mould prior to casting (you can also mix the powder in with one part of the resin).

Coat the mould with a light dusting of powder and pour in your casting resin.

Works beautifully with both our Alumilite resins.

Can also be added to any clear paint and be used to paint a metallic finish on to different surface materials.

Easy to use, beautiful, and affordable!

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