Gloves In A Bottle - Bottle Small 60ml

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If you have sensitive skin, or suffer from irritation while wearing gloves, Gloves In A Bottle is a great barrier which protects skin while still allowing it to breathe.

Gloves In A Bottle shouldn't be used in place of gloves, but rather as an extra protective layer used in conjunction with your daily routine.

Use while you're working on any task which is tough on hands - housework, DIY, construction, engineering, medical work, gardening and more.

Please note: If using resin, we still recommend using protective gloves.


  • Gloves In A Bottle absorbs and bonds with the outer layer of skin to protect against harmful irritants which can cause loss of moisture, and sore cracked skin.
  • The unique formula creates an outer sheild that works like an 'invisible pair of gloves'.
  • Allows skin to breathe while locking in natural oils and moisture.
  • Does not wash or rub off, it simply gets removed with exfoliated skin cells.
  • Quick drying, non-greasy, non-sticky, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, completely safe and non-toxic.
  • Reapply a pea-sized drop to clean, dry skin every 3-4 hours for continuous protection.


Size: 60ml