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Pearl Ex

Pearl Ex Set - Series 3 - 12 Colours

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Jacquard Pearl-Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, dry powdered pigment that exhibits extreme colourfastness and stability, ideal for almost any application. 

This set has a use for every artist, from woodturner to watercolourist, auto painter to rubber stamper! Mix into resin, paints, printing inks, alcohol inks, glues, clays and varnishes for non-porous surfaces. 

Can also be used on fabric, paper, shrink plastic, leather, melted wax, gouache, glass, wood and encaustics - I'm sure you can come up with other exciting mediums we haven't even thought of!

PearlEx pigments are sold by weight, not by volume. Each pigment within the range of PearlEx is a different density which means that one particle of a particular colour can weigh more or less than a particle of another colour. This will mean that the pots may appear to the eye to have widely different volumes, but the weight will be the same. The different particle sizes produce different looks, from a smooth pearly lustre, to a highly metallic sheen. 

Pearl Ex pigments are colourfast, temperature resistant, weather resistant, non-tarnishing, and non-fading with a neutral pH. They are NOT for cosmetic use.

If you're after other colours or larger sizes, please contact us.

PearlEx powders can be used with our entire range of casting and coating resins. As a general rule it is usually added to Part A before mixing with the hardener, however please follow your resin’s instructions on how to add in colour effects in. Please bare in mind a little goes a long way!

Please note:

  • PearlEx Powders cannot be used with Cactus Juice Stabilising Resin.
  • Caster’s Choice Mica Powders are sold by weight, not volume. This means that some containers may have different volume levels due to different densities.

Some suggested ways of using the pigments:

  • Create your own unique colours by kneading Pearl Ex into polymer clay. Bake clay following manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool before handling. Pearl Ex is embedded in the clay so there is no need to varnish unless you want a glossier surface. For large areas of colour use your fingers, a Q-tip or a brush. For more control use a small brush. Work Pearl Ex into the surface and brush off excess. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. Brush or spray varnish on surface when cool to seal.
  • Dust a polymer clay rubber mould with Pearl Ex before pressing in the clay. This is a great way to colour the clay. It also makes the clay easier to release from the mould. Simply dust the mould with Pearl Ex using a soft bristle brush. Turn the mould over and gently tap out excess. Press conditioned clay in to the mould and get instant beautiful colour! Bake polymer clay following manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool then coat with varnish to seal.
  • To make a Painted Image Transfer, simply mix Pearl Ex with water, paint a design on paper and lay a sheet of polymer clay on top. Gently press down with a rolling pin, carefully pull away the paper, trim clay and bake. Seal with varnish when cool if desired.
  • Dust Pearl Ex Powders onto shrink plastic before shrinking. The powder will become embedded in the surface when the plastic shrinks. When cool wipe off excess for a soft glow of colour. Coat with varnish for a glossy finish. To create a more intense colour, sand the shrink plastic before dusting on Pearl Ex.
  • Mix Pearl Ex with any clear medium to use over any surface. Try it mixed with Jacquard Gum Arabic or Pearl Ex Varnish for applying to most surfaces. E.g. use a plastic dropper to add varnish to Pearl Ex. Mix to desired consistency and paint on wood, metal, plastic or baked polymer clay.
  • Dust Pearl Ex onto any surface and then seal with a spray lacquer. Spray the lacquer out over the surface and let the mist fall onto the surface rather than spraying the lacquer at the surface. This will give you a more even coat of lacquer without spray marks as well as preventing the spray from blowing off the Pearl Ex.

Set includes 12 x 3g (0.11oz) pots: Carbon Black, Pumpkin Orange, Salmon Pink, Pink Gold, Reflex Violet, Grey Lavender, Mink, Sky Blue, Pearl White, Antique Bronze, Sunset Gold & Duo Blue-Green.

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If you're after any other colours or larger sizes which aren't on our website, please contact us.