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Ring Core 6mm Wide - Channel - Silver - UK Size R

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Made from a high silver content alloy, these brilliant RingCores™ are excellent for giving you professional quality rings! The Ring Cores come in a selection of width, sizes, and designs, which all come in silver, bronze, and copper.

Fill the channel with a variety of materials - Resin, Milliput or other epoxy puttys, or metal clays. The raised shoulders (approx. 0.7mm high) create a channel ideal for building up your chosen medium, and adding embellishments, or a textured surface within the channel.

Top tips for using ring cores with metal clay:

  • This ring core can be safely fired (just like our other embeddable findings) with your silver metal clay designs. Your silver metal clay will sinter fully with the surface and the ring itself can be legally hall marked as 'sterling silver'. The ring size will stay consistent throughout the design, firing and finishing processes (without you having to calculate shrinkage and make allowances for it), and the smoothly finished interior of the ring will need almost no finishing - leaving you free to just focus on the creative design of your ring, which is of course the fun part which we all enjoy!
  • The higher volume of clay you build up, the more shrinkage there will be, the less clay in a particular area - the less shrinkage there will be.  However, having an area where the clay is too thin - could result in cracking when the clay pulls apart/shrinks, as there is not enough clay particles left to bond after the water and organic binder has burnt away, on top of a surface that has no give (the ring core).  So you are safer building the piece up more - and ensuring there aren't areas of very thin/unsupported clay.
  • When you build up the clay and begin wrapping pieces around the core, try to ensure that what you are doing is carefully placing the pieces/layers on and not pulling and stretching them onto the core - as this will already put tension on the clay before the shrinkage happens.
  • It would be advisable to purchase something like the 'paste maker' solution we sell, and mix some of this up in a pot with a small amount of clay and then apply a good layer of this to your ring core, then allow it to dry, before you start.  This will help with bonding and help with shrinkage allowance when building up onto your ring core.  A surface of dried paste is also a better, more gripping surface to start working onto - as opposed to the shiny, slightly 'slippy' ring core as it comes.

Ring size: 

UK: R - R 1/2*

US: 9

Inside diameter 18.7mm

* There isn't always a direct conversion between US - UK ring sizes. If in doubt, go by the inside diameter measurement.

Fabrication Method: Extruded 

‰Û¬Band/shank width: 6mm 

Channel width: 4.5mm