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Silicone Mould - Lucky Charms

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Silicone Mould - Lucky Charms

Create lucky charm shapes in metal clay, polymer clay, and resin. Ideal to make matching jewellery sets of earrings, pendants, and rings.

To use:

Fill the mould with wet clay, ensure the clay is pushed in all the way down into the shape. The mould is transparent so it makes it easy to check, simply turn it over and ensure it is completely filled and there are no air bubbles. Leave to dry in the mould. Be patient with the drying! It takes longer than you think to dry in the mould as the heat only gets in from the top. If you try to pull them out too soon, you'll wreck or distort the shape. We recommend drying for over 24 hours in a warm dry room. You can speed it up by putting the mould in a dehydrator or toaster oven (keep the temperature under 90C). 

Please see weights below relating to grams of silver clay needed to fill the shapes completely.

Horseshoes: S 11 x 12mm (1g), M 15 x 15mm (1.7g), L 18 x 20mm (4.2g)

Keys: S 7 x 15mm (0.5g), M 15 x 20mm (1.5g), L 12 x 15mm (2.7g)

Anchors: 14 x 15mm (1g), M 19 x 20mm (2.2g), L 23 x 25mm (4g)

Size of mould: 64 x 63mm