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UV Resin Dyes

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UV Resin Dyes available in 13 Colours.

These work great in UV resin, and are ideal for adding colour to jewellery and small items. These dyes are also compatible with our other resins!

How to use:

  • Squeeze ONE drop of colour onto your mixing surface or dip the tip of a toothpick into the bottle, and transfer this to your resin.  It's best to add more in small quantities - if you add the entire drop of colour to your resin it may be too much. Similar to other resins, if too much colour is added, the resin may not cure at all.
  • Use a palette knife or similar flat tool to mix the colour into the UV Crystal Resin, using the wide flat edge to blend the pigment into the UV Resin. Please note that the resin takes longer to cure if colour is added. Let the resin cure in the UV light for around 5 minutes, or more if needed.
  • Start by curing a thin layer of UV Crystal Resin on your piece, before adding the coloured layer. The clear resin will create a stronger bond with the surface. You can also try adding a clear layer on top of your coloured gel - this gives your colour a beautiful depth.

Size: 10g - as you usually use less than a drop per application, this bottle covers a lot of ground! These are also great to add to two component resin.

Please note: May cause skin irritation, use in a ventilated area, if in contact with eyes and mouth, wash with clean water immediately. Do not store in direct sunlight.


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