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Alumilite Amazing Deep Pour

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Amazing Deep Pour is a 2-part, extremely clear, deep-cast epoxy. It is ideal for applications where you want a glass-like finish, or thicker pours - you can put this resin up to 50mm (2 inches) deep.

This 2:1 mix ratio product was formulated to reduce exotherm (heat build-up) during deep pours, allowing users to pour thicker sections without slowing you down, no need to pour in layers.

Amazing Deep Pour is perfect for river tables, resin blanks for lathe turning, filling wide gaps in wood, or any application requiring a depth greater than 9.5mm (3/8 inch). Amazing Deep Pour can also be layered for projects requiring thicknesses beyond 50mm (2 inches).

Main features

  • 2:1 (2 parts A to 1 part B) by volume
  • Low exotherm - making it ideal for deeeeeep pours
  • Low viscosity for easy mixing
  • Long open time to allow for air bubble release
  • 24-72 hour tack-free time (this varies depending on how much your casting and the temperature you are working in)
  • 5-7 day full cure
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300

The Amazing Deep Pour comes in these sizes

  • 24 fl.oz / 710ml.                This comes as 16 fl.oz. Part A & 8 fl.oz. Part B.
  • 1.5 US gallon / 5.69 litre.    This comes as 1 US gallon Part A & 0.5 gallon Part B. 
  • 3 US gallon / 11.36 litre.     This comes as 2 US gallon Part A & 1 gallon Part B.
  • 6 US gallon / 22.74 litre.     This comes as 4 US gallon Part A & 2 gallon Part B.

Most of our range of dyes and effects can be used with this resin. The Alumilite Dyes are ideal and come in a huge range of colours, including fluorescent neon colours. For gorgeous shimmers and high quality metal effects, you can use Mica Powder Pigments or the Alumilite Metal Powders. If you want a solid bold colour have look at our Divine Island pigments, or you might want to opt for the mystical wonderful effects you can get with Alcohol inks. You can even use a glow in the dark powder

For other colourants, please test a small part first. Don't use water based colourants with this resin.


Color: Clear
Mix Ratio: 2A:1B by volume
Open Time (100 gram mass): 60-90 minutes
Demold Time (100 gram mass): 24-72 hours
Full Cure: 5-7 days
Mixed Viscosity (cps): 450
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240): 77-80 D
Izod Impact (ASTM D-256, lb/in): 50
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638, psi): 7,500
Elongation (in./in.): 5-6%
Heat Resistance:  205ºC+ (400º+F)
Heat Deflection Temperature: 42ºC (108 ºF)
FDA Compliant: Yes 

How much resin do I need for my cast? Have a look at Alumilite's calculator here. 

TOP TIP FOR STORAGE: Keep the caps of each resin bottle on tight at all times. Even during use, pour out what you need, then put the caps back on immediately until your next use. This will keep your resin in good working condition for as long as possible. 

Regarding health & safety, we always recommend doing your own research, and make your own decisions on any precautions you need to take. Read the SDS and get advice if needed. We suggest ensuring you have good ventilation, and protect your skin, lungs, and eyes (use nitrile gloves only, don’t use latex with resin). If you work with a large amount of resin, or work with it often, you might want to invest in a VOC filtered face mask.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Alumilite Amazing Deep Pour.

    Posted by Russell (WoodWorX) on 20th Jan 2021

    Great product, Just poured a 60mm deep pour and as a first timer this is excellent. Follow the instructions to the letter and all will be fine. Find somewhere to store your work as it will take a full 7 days + to cure. DO NOT DISTURB. End product looks as though it was done by a pro and not a first timer.

  • 5
    Great pouring resin

    Posted by Sharron on 14th Dec 2020

    Gteat pouring resin really clear and barely any bubbles my favourite resin and fast postage