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LEAKING Piñata Alcohol Ink - LARGE - 118ml - Blanco Blanco

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Piñata Alcohol Ink - Large 118ml (4 fl.oz) - LEAKING - Grab a bargin at 1/2 price! Blanco Blanco

**These bottles arrived with us leaking, with a minimal amount of ink lost. The ink is still completely usable. We have re sealed the bottles however they may leak again in transit*. Although we have done our best to clean the bottles up, some may have ink marks or be a little sticky, examples shown in photos.**

Piñata Alcohol Ink is a beautiful, highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol ink. You can add them to any hard surface (including silver clay for faux enamel effects!) to add vibrant colours to your work. They’re dye-based and acid-free with excellent adhesive properties. Piñata Alcohol Inks are permanent, and they are water resistant once dry.

Use on silver clay, metal clay, glass, general metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay, sea shells, Yupo watercolour paper, and more. Applications include fine arts, scrapbooking, crafts, faux stained glass, card making, faux finishing techniques and staining wood and leather. Add accent colours to grommets, eyelets, clasps, and fasteners for personalised jewellery findings.

Blanco Blanco is an opaque, pigmented colour, used for creating tints and pastels.

They can be applied to almost anything: paper, plastic, wood, glass (for decorative purposes only), canvas, metal, foil, ceramic, rubber, name it!

Achieve a variety of effects:

  • Drop or brush Claro Extender on top of alcohol ink to create a marbled/stone effect. Claro will also extend the drying and working time, and you can use it to dilute the colour to achieve transparency. The colour will remain shiny.
  • Mix colours together to create a new shade. Mix with Blanco Blanco to achieve a pastel colour.
  • Use crayons and wax for resist effects on surfaces and fabric, creating batik designs.
  • Mix Gum Arabic with water to a heavy cream consistency, and paint a design on a hard surface. Then colour wash over the design. Once dry, rub the Gum Arabic away and you will be left with the blank space in amongst the colour.
  • Use the Piñata Clean-Up solution to easily remove the ink if you change your mind.

Size: 118.29ml (4 US fl oz) - this alcohol ink is also available in a smaller size with an even larger range of colours, click here to see the colours available.

Safety note: Alcohol inks are flammable, eye irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Contains denatured alcohol.

Click here to see instructions.

Click here for an SDS for the Standard Colours.

Colours available in the large size:


Piñata Alcohol Inks also available in Small sizes.

 *Although we have done our best to reseal these bottles there is a chance they could leak again, if this does happen we would be unable to offer a replacement or refund for the product. Any ink that has leaked can easily be cleaned up with a damp cloth or wipe.

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