UV Color Art Resin - Opaque Coral Pink - 20g

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NEW UV Resin!

Easily create designs in multiple colours with Color Art Resin!

Color Art Resin is a one-part, ready-mixed UV resin has colour pigment already mixed in the bottle, and cures in minutes with a UV light box.

Draw patterns into a silicone mould, frame, or your chosen material straight from the bottle, or mix colours together like paint to create a new colour! It can be applied to silver, copper, brass, paper, plastics, wood, and many other surfaces. 

Color Art Resin has an even higher viscosity compared to UV Crystal Resin, making it easy to draw slightly domed letters and patterns without colours merging together.

This allows you to use techniques such as:

- Latte art - drag a needle or toothpick in a perpendicular direction through resin colours for a marbled effect.

- Caramel art - draw criss-crossed lines straight onto a silicone surface (e.g. the back of a mould).

UV Crystal Resin is also compatible with Color Art Resin - mix it together, or use the UV Crystal Resin to make a domed or glazed surface over the top.

The resin cures rock hard in just 5 minutes with a UV light box available here. This time may vary with lower wattage UV light. 

It will not leave a sticky surface, and doesn't need any polishing, unless you want to reshape it.

Make sure your UV light reaches all the corners of the gel - add, and cure, in thin layers, ideally not thicker than approx. 2mm at a time. Angle your piece differently throughout the different curing sessions to help cure all of the resin.

For best results store the pot in a dark environment under 20C. 

For more information on how to work with UV resin, see UV Resin - How, Why, and When written by Petra Cameron who has worked extensively with UV resin.

Available in 10 pastel shades (in 20g), 6 clear shades and 3 glitter (10g).

Size: 20g

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