Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste - Original

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Make your wood ready to shine with Yorkshire Grit Woodturners Abrasive Paste!

Yorkshire grit is a fine abrasive in paste form, which greatly reduces scratches left from sandpaper, resulting in a smoother reflective surface. 

Use the abrasive paste as a final sanding step of woodturning to give a fine keyed surface, before moving onto the Microfine Abrasive Paste, or go straight to your chosen wax or oil based finish.

The paste is chemical-free, and it eliminates fine dust produced by high grit sandpapers.


  • Whilst still attached to your lathe, sand your piece to 240-320 Grit or until it’s free of tooling marks.
  • Apply the paste in a circular motion with a paper towel.
  • Then switch on your lathe and work along your piece with the paper towel.
  • Continue working until the paste has broken down, with no residue on the surface.
  • Your piece should be dry once you’ve finished, and you will be left with a finish of at least 1000 Grit.

We recommend following up with the Yorkshire Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste for an even smoother finish of at least 2000 Grit - especially for pieces including resin.

Made from mineral oil, lemon oil, beeswax, rotten stone and pumice.

Size: 227g