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Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste - Microfine

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Make your wood and resin ready to shine with Yorkshire Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste!

Yorkshire grit is a fine abrasive in a creamy paste form, which greatly reduces scratches left from sandpaper, resulting in a smoother reflective surface. 

Use the abrasive paste as your final sanding step of woodturning resins, hybrids, or wood to give a fine keyed surface, before moving onto your chosen wax or oil based finish.

The paste is chemical-free, and it eliminates fine dust produced by high grit sandpapers.


  • Whilst still attached to your lathe, sand your piece to 240-320 Grit or until it’s free of tooling marks.
  • Apply the paste in a circular motion with a paper towel.
  • Then switch on your lathe and work along your piece with the paper towel.
  • Continue working until the paste has broken down, with no residue on the surface.
  • Your piece should be dry once you’ve finished, and you will be left with a finish of at least 2000 Grit.

For an even smoother finish, we recommend starting off with using the Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste before moving onto the Yorkshire Grit Microfine Abrasive Paste.

Made from mineral oil, beeswax, and microfine abrasive powders.

Size: 227g