Alumilite Resin Pump Dispenser

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Pumps for clean dispensing and perfectly measured resin! 

As you know, resin needs accurate measuring and mixing for success. These pumps eliminate the chance of screwing up. The pump replaces the existing lid as it seals the bottle.

This pump fits all the the Alumilite Resin 1 (US) gallon bottles.

One complete press of the pump gives you 29.6ml (1 fl.oz). Using these pumps, one pump from each bottle will give you a perfect measured mix. Accurate, fast, and clean.

Please note, pumps are sold individually so price is per pump. 

Tip: In colder temperatures the epoxy resin will thicken and be difficult to pump. Simply warm the resin up with a heater, or hot water bath to reduce the viscosity to flow easily.