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Padico UV-LED Resin 'Star Drop' Gummy Resin - 25g

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Padico UV curing resin - with a soft gummy finish!

Ready to use UV/LED resin that cures in minutes under a UV or LED lamp - no mixing required! This soft jelly-like resin is ideal for coating flowers, casting (non edible!) gummy shapes, and more. This resin can be used to cast or coat items.

In a high wattage (36W and above) UV Light Box, clear gel cures in only 2-4 minutes (we recommend curing deep items in thin layers at a time).

Works great in silicone and soft plastic moulds. Use on its own, or embed items such as dried flowers, beads, and more! Easily coat or make fine lines with the nozzle attachments, available here.

Curing time

LED light (6-9W, 405nm): 30 - 90 seconds

UV light (36W, 365nm): 2 - 4 minutes

Shrinks approx. 4% after curing.

Please note

  • Curing time differs with size, and will be longer when adding dyes. These are the manufacturer’s recommended timings, however we always recommend experimenting beforehand.
  • The resin may cure in sunlight, so work in an area away from the sun.
  • Keep lid on resin while not working, as it can begin to harden.
  • All resin can eventually yellow over time.
  • Store in cool and dry place out of sunlight, storage temperature 0‰ºC - 25‰ºC. Use as soon as possible after opening.

Size: 25g

Made in Japan

UV Light Box available here.

Padico Nozzle Tip Attachments available here.

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