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Padico UV Resin Nozzle Tips - 3pc

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Nozzle tips for UV Resin

Press nozzles firmly onto bottle nib, and you’re ready to go! Lightly squeeze to release resin - if squeezed to hard, it may force the tips off.

Includes 3 tips:

  • 2 x Fine - use to write and draw fine lines in resin.
  • 1 x Spatula - glue and coat small flat pieces including petals.

Short fine tip: 3mm L, 1mm W nozzle hole.

Long fine tip: 9mm L, 1mm W nozzle hole.

Spatula tip: 1.5mm W nozzle hole, 4mm spreading edge.

*Please note* Clean tips with clean tissue after each use to avoid blockages. If this is not possible, resin can be cured inside, then pushed out with a needle once hardened.

Can be used with the following resins: UV Crystal Resin (both sizes), UV-LED ‘Star Drops’ Resin, UV-LED ‘Star Drops’ Gummy Resin.